Festive Wrapping Paper


    Step up your gift giving game this McRib Season and show the special people in your life just how special they are with our special edition McRib Wrapping Paper.


    This McRib Season, prove to everyone that when giving a gift, it’s what’s on the outside that really counts.


    Mmm…make their jaws hit the floor and their mouths salivate with a look that’s inspired by each and every succulent bite of the delicious McRib.

    Porky Groove

    Influenced by big hair, big bell-bottoms and even bigger appetites, this is perfect for all the groovy people in your life.

    Retro Rib

    Take a walk down memory lane with our retro-chic design. And after that walk works up your appetite, walk into McDonald’s and devour a McRib.

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    Saucy Elegance

    Created with your passion for pork in mind and just in time for McRib Season, it’s our sauciest and most heartfelt design ever made.

Songs of the Season

Enjoy McRib while listening to The World's First Pork Rock Opera.

  • ACT 1.
    Let's Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable, Like My Stomach, Baby.
  • ACT 2.
    Let's Have Ourselves A McRib Rendezvous
  • ACT 3.
    I Gotta Tell Someone, Even The Puppeteer
  • ACT 4.
    Can You Hear Me Crying In The Drive-Thru
  • ACT 5.
    C'est La Vie McRib

Cover Art

  • Slip Into My Stomach
  • McRib Rendezvous
  • Gotta Tell Someone
  • Crying In The Drive-Thru
  • C'est La Vie McRib