Let's Have Ourselves A McRib Rendezvous. Lyrics



Love can be funny
Love can be blind
It can also be tasty
If pork’s on your mind

Search high and low
Then look to your heart
McRib’s love for you
Was there from the start


I feel this passion.
I hear those bells chime
Let’s take our love slow
Until the end of… lunch.

Brought a bunch of you
For the office’s gift exchange
Then when no one was looking
I picked my own name.


People may say
Our love is taboo
Let’s have ourselves
A McRib Rendezvous

Just back from lunch
My tie is askew
They know we had
A McRib Rendezvous

Whose playing bagpipes
That don’t make sense
So if you are Scottish
Take no offense

I have some work
I should attend too
But I’m thinking about
A McRib Rendezvous
A McRib Rendezvous
A McRib Rendezvous