C’est La Vie McRib Lyrics



Napkins on the floor
Smiles all around
The smell of barbecue still lingering
McRib is leaving town

So hug someone
Say goodbye
Grab the nearest teddy bear
Cuz you’re gonna need to cry


You tasted so good
Like I knew a McRib should
I think I might cry
Please don’t tell, don’t tell the guys.


We did so much together
Just like we were little kids
They say McRib’s can’t laugh at jokes
But I’m pretty sure mine did

I will wait for you forever.
If it takes that long, my friend.
Right after I run some errands.


Pick up some milk
Get like two things of paper towels
Go to the hardware store
Find a nut to fit this screw.


And I’d do it all again
No I would not hesitate
It was more than a sandwich named, McRib
It was a friend I ate

C’est la vie McRib
Until we meet again
I’ll be waiting right here
Or over there.
Or at Dan’s house.
Maybe the hardware store…